This years event has been cancelled

Kidderminster and District Lions Club - Arley To Stourport Raft Race Rules
Kidderminster and District Lions Raft Race
Arley To Stourport

Sunday May 15th 2016

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  • Rafts must display the allocated number at least 300mm square on the starboard side so that timing officials can identify each raft.
  • All containers used in the construction must be free from contaminants.
  • Rafts must be less than 8ft wide and have a crew of between 4 and 10 persons.
  • A 10ft rope must be fixed to the front of the raft for towing purposes in an emergency and to assist with removal from the river.
  • Direct drive paddle wheel, home- made paddles and sails are allowed provided that any mast must be demountable to clear bridges.
  • Welded joints are allowed.
  • Teams must be on the raft from start to finish.
  • All rafts will be checked for safety at the start by a scrutineer.
  • Time penalties will be added to any raft not complying with these rules.
  • Any raft considered to be a danger to entrants, other competitors, the general public or the environment will be disqualified.


  • Moulded glass fibre hulls or pontoons.
  • Foamed plastics or materials likely to break up and pollute the river.
  • Double paddles, oars, rowlocks or any form of fixed rowing station. Rafts must be poled or paddled without attachment.
  • Outboard motors, water pumps and water hoses are forbidden.


    The Lions Club have again this year, recommend that sponsor money goes to:


    We hope that you will wish to donate your sponsor money to this worthy cause. If you do, please use an Air Ambulance Sponsor form. If you wish to collect sponsor money for your own preferred charity, you may do so. Please inform us who it is and after the race tell us the amount you have donated. Please bring your sponsor forms to the start for registration and scrutiny. They will be safe and dry when you collect them signed at the finish.


  • This year we are returning to the start at Arley, where again we do not have permission to use the field and will have to convoy groups of rafts from Pound Green Village Hall at the top of the hill, opposite Ye Olde New Inn. Because there is a shortage of room, we will have to stagger arrivals. Your arrival time will be notified on your entry acknowledgement.
  • Map to the convoying start point
  • Marshalls will be on hand to assist you. Please follow their instruction so that we can have a smooth transition to the start point.
  • Rafts must not be launched from the Arley village side of the river. Lorry access is difficult if not impossible. Do not try it!
  • There will be no room for spectator’s cars at the start. There is however a pay car-park on the Arley side not accessible to lorries.
  • There will be tea and coffee and limited refreshments by kind permission of the Pound Green Village Hall Committee.
  • Overnight camping is not allowed. Also bear in mind that it is a Sunday and we will be adjacent to private homes and we must honour their lie in. So please keep the noise level as low as possible. No shouting and no loud radios, please.
  • Please do not leave any litter or bits of your raft at the start, guess who will have to clear it up!


  • The finishing line for the race is down stream of the Stourport Boat Club. Do not attempt to land at this point. It is not safe. Map of the disembarkation point a short way past Stourport Boat Club
  • A few more yards downstream you will be able to disembark safely and your raft will be hoisted from the river and if possible placed directly on your delivery vehicle. Please remove rafts asap to avoid congestion and at the latest 5pm.
  • Be aware of the safety aspects at the exit point. It is close to a public footpath and may be wet and slippery. One Lion will be designated Safety Officer and his/her instructions must be followed without question. We want you to go home happy and in one piece, without injury.
  • Refreshments will be available for purchase at the finish.
  • We would prefer that all rafts are taken away on Sunday afternoon. If you can, please do so. If you have vehicle difficulty because it is Sunday afternoon, please notify the Safety Officer, giving name, raft number and contact telephone number. Make it safe and secure and collect it on Monday as soon as possible. Do not throw anything in the river. It is your responsibility to remove all flotsam and jetsam from the river and its surroundings.


  • A copy of all the results will be available here within a week of the event.


  • Any protest regarding the race must be made in writing to the Lions Club before 4pm on the day, accompanied by £20, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.


  • If the level of the river or the weather are deemed unsafe, the race will be postponed to either later on that day or to a later date.
  • All crews must be over the age of 16, able to swim and must wear approved buoyancy aids throughout the event.
  • The crew must be able to escape easily from a sinking raft.
  • There must be no throwing of eggs, flour or other missiles. Broken eggshells have caused nasty cuts which could become infected from the river water.
  • Excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and immersion in cold water can kill. Please do not drink excessively. If you are drunk and fall in the water, your chances of survival are greatly reduced. In previous years, rafters have needed treatment for hypothermia because of the effect of alcohol and cold water.
  • Avoid total immersion in the river if possible as the river waterborne diseases are not pleasant and are best avoided.