Arley To Stourport Raft Race
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Raft Race Results 2014

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Raft Number Time Name / Entered By
Winner - 419 1h 15m St Peter's 419 Lodge, Wolverhampton
402 1h 19m The Bay Horse, Stourport
407 1h 21m Black & Blue Sickness. Dudley
404 1h 26m Sandwell Lions Club. Sandwell
406 1h 34m The Mamba. Stourport Yacht & Bungalow Club
405 1h 41m Eddie the Old. Stourport
401 1h 49m Skidzmark. Wombourne
403 2h 26m The Swashbucklers. Stourbridge


Raft Number Time Name / Entered By
Winner - 203 1h 24m Duright Ducks, Duright Engineering, Wednesbury.
201 1h 25m Raft Wars, Wildmoor Truck & Plant, Bromsgrove
101 1h 48m Beach Boys, Andy's Barbers, Stourport
202 1h 58m SB Waste, SB Waste Management & Recycling Ltd. Wolverhampton
204 2h 15m Excelsior, Excelsior Access Scaffolding, Halesowen

Winner - Best Dressed Raft

Raft Number Name / Entered By
101 Beach Boys, Andy's Barbers Stourport.