Arley To Stourport Raft Race
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Raft Race Results 2011

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Super Rafts

108WonderWye MenDave Fryer10:25:00 AM11:33:00 AM1:08:00 AM
102Just Quackers 2Just Quackers RRT9:35:00 AM10:45:45 AM1:10:45 AM
106Paddlesport DogsRichard Parrott10:45:10 AM11:59:25 AM1:14:15 AM
103The VikingsVale Rafters9:42:30 AM10:59:13 AM1:16:43 AM
105Paddlesport BitchesRichard Parrott10:28:00 AM11:44:50 AM1:16:50 AM
101Just Quackers1Just Quackers RRT9:33:00 AM10:50:10 AM1:17:10 AM
104TriffidVale Rafters9:57:00 AM11:18:25 AM1:21:25 AM
107Wonder Wye LadiesCherry Fryer10:37:00 AM11:58:50 AM1:21:50 AM

Works / Company

208HMS ImperialImperial Commercials. Halesowen9:56:00 AM1:06:10 PM3:10:10 AM
205Team DISDigital Imaging Services Ltd. Wolverhampton10:50:00 AM2:07:00 PM3:17:00 AM
204Barnardos Wheels Barnardos Redditch10:44:00 AM2:13:00 PM3:29:00 AM
210Barrel of Laughs H W Stockley & Sons. Netherton9:49:00 AM1:45:45 PM3:56:45 AM
209Dart 180Dart Products Ltd. Cradley Heath10:35:00 AM2:40:00 PM4:05:00 AM
201Rapid - ReposeAnthony Plant. Kingswinford10:07:45 AM2:26:00 PM4:18:15 AM
202Bizmark or Pink PearlCross & Co. Cannock10:40:00 AM3:00:00 PM4:20:00 AM
206British Red CrossBritish Red Cross Kidderminster10:09:00 AM3:18:00 PM5:09:00 AM
203Wolverhampton CC TransportWednesfield10:02:00 AM3:15:00 PM5:13:00 AM
211GGP GlassKidderminster9:52:00 AM3:05:00 PM5:13:00 AM
207Cry Me a RiverCardiac Risk in the Young. Cheslyn Hay10:49:00 AM4:55:00 PM6:06:00 AM

Pub / Club / Social

409Best Looking Boat in KiddyNigel Kaye. Kidderminster10:04:30 AM1:26:00 PM3:21:30 AM
419Peter's CraftSt Peter's Lodge 219 Willenhall10:13:00 AM1:54:00 PM3:41:00 AM
413DrunkenSailorsMatt Lander Kidderminster9:38:00 AM1:23:50 PM3:45:50 AM
402Red BalloonTrevor Highfield. West Bromwich10:42:00 AM2:55:00 PM4:13:00 AM
420St TriniansAndy Holford. Astley Stourport9:37:30 AM1:55:00 PM4:17:30 AM
412No Name 2St James Church Scouts & Guides Wollaston10:16:30 AM2:36:00 PM4:19:30 AM
411No Name 1St James Church Scouts & Guides Wollaston10:18:00 AM2:39:00 PM4:21:00 AM
414St James ptaSt James School PTA Wollaston9:37:00 AM2:03:00 PM4:26:00 AM
424The BountyThe Harbour Inn Arley10:12:00 AM2:42:00 PM4:30:00 AM
426Thunderbirds Are GoAndy's Barber Shop. Spourport9:30:00 AM2:12:00 PM4:42:00 AM
407SkidzmarkHeadway Wombourne10:05:00 AM2:54:00 PM4:49:00 AM
417Raftafarians 2Rob Stevens. Frith Common Tenbury Wells10:01:00 AM2:59:00 PM4:58:00 AM
408Saving Perry's PrivatesNCH House Bilston10:21:30 AM3:30:00 PM5:08:30 AM
406Curse of the Black Raft347 Squadron Air Training Corps Dudley9:36:00 AM2:47:00 PM5:11:00 AM
415Bang TidyDan Blackburn. Stourport9:52:30 AM3:06:00 PM5:13:30 AM
404Big WColin Marshall Wollaston10:22:00 AM3:42:00 PM5:20:00 AM
401Masons MessMasons Arms. Kemberton9:32:00 AM2:55:30 PM5:23:30 AM
422Pub WatchTom Sandford Stourport9:39:00 AM3:25:00 PM5:46:00 AM
418Nipple LauncherDaniel Lewis. Kidderminster10:32:00 AM4:50:00 PM6:18:00 AM
423Donna's Dream teamKidderminster Rugby Club9:44:00 AM4:23:00 PM6:39:00 AM
410Raftafarians 1Claire Rutland. Kidderminster10:14:00 AM5:03:00 PM6:49:00 AM
405Zoes WarriorsCardiac Risk in the Young Cheslyn Hay10:24:00 AMdnf
416Tribe WarriorsTribe Night Club Kidderminster9:55:50 AMdnf
421HMS JugOliver Butler. Kidderminster9:46:00 AMdnf
425HMS Brian BaylissJonathon Higgs. Kidderminster11:00:00 AMdnf